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SOFT CLOSE hinges for doors and cabinets

Does this sound familiar to you? You want to get something out of a cupboard quickly and give the door a push so that it closes again – and then there’s a bang. In the worst case scenario, the door slams back and remains ajar. This is annoying, and – in addition – it is also not ideal for your cabinet doors! The constant slamming causes the doors to break more quickly as the wear and tear is significantly higher. With a SOFT CLOSE hinge, this can be easily prevented. You no longer have any noise nuisance and the doors are protected. What more could you want?

Simply retrofit the right SOFT CLOSE system

If you are looking for the right SOFT CLOSE hinge, then this page is the right place. Here you will find a large selection of SOFT CLOSE systems that allow you to easily retrofit SOFT CLOSE for your hinge. Use the filters on the left to identify the perfect product.

Even if you have a wardrobe where you want to retrofit several doors at once: on this page, you’ll find what you’re looking for! We offer many of our products as a set. That means, that you receive several products in one package. We will show you how to install your new SOFT CLOSE system on the installation page or on one of the numerous product pages. There, you will find videos in which the installation of the damping units is shown in detail.

Also take a look at our highlights page! There, you will find information about innovative new SOFT CLOSE door hinges, which you can use to equip glass office doors or changing room doors, for example. With these SOFT CLOSE hinges, you can also ensure a quiet and pleasant atmosphere in a professional environment!