Sliding doors

The damper is in the rail / on the body and
the activator mounted on the sliding door.


The damper is on the sliding door and
the activator mounted in the rail / on the body.

Roller Guide

The damper is mounted on the body and is located between the body and the drawer. The activator is mounted on the side of the drawer.

Concealed runners

The damper is mounted on the body and is located above the drawer. The activator is mounted on the front of the drawer.

Single wall drawers

The damper is mounted on the body and is located between the body and the drawer on the bottom of the drawer. The activator is mounted on the bottom of the drawer. (Three activators of different widths guarantee an exact adjustment to the respective frame width).



The damping element is either attached to the hinge or attached to the body on the opposite side of the hinge.

soft close products for easy installation

SOFT CLOSE products from Zimmer are just as easy to install as they are to assemble. Retrofitting the products to existing furniture is therefore also a breeze. By retrofitting our SOFT CLOSE systems, you can quickly and easily achieve a significantly higher and extremely pleasant level of living comfort!

Easy installation of SOFT CLOSE products

Our products in the SOFT CLOSE unit segment are generally pre-assembled and easy to install. Installation in furniture, door closers or drawer systems is always adapted to the circumstances. Targeted damping is also possible in industrial environments, such as heavy sliding doors.

SOFT CLOSE products are also ideal for retrofitting do-it-yourself applications. Whether DIY enthusiasts or professional craftsmen, the excellent products from are used in many areas of application.

To ensure the highest quality, every single product is tested several times in series production. The production systems are also developed and produced in-house. This is one of the many reasons why our company is one of the leading suppliers to almost all major furniture manufacturers.

SOFT CLOSE – damping systems that make your home more comfortable

As a technology leader in the furniture damper segment, we are known for our individual solutions and our innovative strength. Our SOFT CLOSE systems are innovative technologies that are used in various products of furniture such as drawers and cupboard doors. Their main purpose is to close them softly and comfortably. Thanks to the damped technology, the closing process to the closed position is smooth and almost silent. The pleasant closing action of SOFT CLOSE products ensures convenient operation and maximum comfort in your home.

Tips for the SOFT CLOSE installation

This page provides you with an overview of the installation and retrofitting of sliding doors, drawers and hinges. In addition to the various installation options, extensive installation videos are also available.
Further videos to the products are available for you in the video overview on the about us page.

The innovative eaZI product world

Are you still looking for the right SOFT CLOSE system for your drawers, sliding doors or flap fittings? Then take a look at our shop and select the right product for your specific application.