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Zimmer gmbh Daempfungssysteme

As a subsidiary of the Zimmer Group, we have been setting new standards in the development of innovative SOFT CLOSE systems made in Germany since 2004. Not only for this reason, our company is one of the leading suppliers to almost all major hardware and furniture manufacturers.

Innovative SOFT CLOSE systems – comfort for your place of well-being

Are you looking for innovative SOFT CLOSE systems for drawers, flaps and sliding doors for your home or caravan? In our shop you will find the perfect soft-close system to ensure soft-closing drawers and sliding doors in your favourite place. Are you wondering whether you can retrofit our SOFT CLOSE units? Of course, that’s possible! If you would like to find out how, take a look at the detailed installation videos on the installation page. You’ll see that it’s really easy. Click in and see for yourself!

Filter in our online shop  to find the perfect furniture damper for your application. You will then find information on the product pages about whether exactly this damping system is suitable for your purpose. There you can read about the exact properties of the damper.

Highest quality is a matter of course for us

Our standardized test procedures to ensure product quality guarantee high-quality dampers that you will enjoy for a long time. To ensure the highest quality, every single SOFT CLOSE systems is tested several times in series and the highly automated production systems are also developed, produced and, of course, constantly optimized in-house at our Rheinau site (Germany).

For quality control, we use industrial image processing methods to monitor important geometric features. Many years of experience in the development and production of manufacturing systems make us your competent partner: We offer everything from a single source, from the initial enquiry to product development and series production of our SOFT CLOSE systems, furniture dampers and hinges.
You too can experience the convenience of SOFT CLOSE drawers and sliding doors in your home or caravan.

Climate protection and sustainability are a top priority

Social and ecological responsibility are an integral part of our core values. To fulfil our high standards of quality, fairness and sustainability, our company is certified in accordance with numerous international standards.

Over 110 million dampers delivered every year speak for themselves!