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SOFT CLOSE for flaps – relaxed at home and while travelling

Flaps can be found everywhere in the living area, for example in the kitchen or in the wardrobe. But you also often have to deal with flaps when you’re on holiday: are you one of those who enjoy the freedom of your own caravan? There are plenty of flaps that need to be closed as gently and safely as possible. It is particularly important that this remains the case while travelling! Who wants to be disturbed on holiday by constant rattling or objects falling out if a flap doesn’t close properly?

The right damping system for your flap

If you are still looking for the perfect solution for your flap, then you are right in this category. Here you will find all our products that you can use to ensure that flaps and luggage racks in your motorhome close quietly and remain securely closed. You can also easily upgrade your kitchen cabinets! If you retrofit them with a SOFT CLOSE system, not only your family members will be happy about the reduced background noise, but also your wallet: the flaps are much more durable if they close gently and don’t slam loudly all the time.

Increase comfort with the right damping system for your flap: we’ll show you how! Don’t worry, it’s very easy to retrofit SOFT CLOSE for flaps! Simply watch the installation videos on the “installation” page. You can also find installation videos on the individual product pages that show you step by step how to proceed when retrofitting SOFT CLOSE systems for flaps.

If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact page! Together we will find the right SOFT CLOSE product for your application!