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Damper for cold applications

The SOFT CLOSE highlights - a fine selection of products

With the SOFT CLOSE highlights, we show you selected damping systems for drawers, sliding doors or flap fittings for furniture. Be curious about our versatile product world. In addition to the many SOFT CLOSE highlights, our portfolio also includes tried and tested furniture classics.

Our engineers are therefore constantly working on the development of new products with a great deal of innovative spirit and commitment.In any case, the customized production of dampers and self-closing mechanisms is an ongoing process.On the one hand, we take customer requirements into account and, on the other, we are constantly optimizing our products. Consistent internal quality testing also ensures that every single furniture damper meets our high standards. All standard dampers undergo extensive endurance tests with up to 100,000 cycles. This ensures maximum durability and performance of the dampers.

See for yourself – the highlights of the SOFT CLOSE product world eaZI

Innovative SOFT CLOSE highlights are part of the eaZI product world. This is divided into the categories eaZIsoft, eaZIflex, eaZIsilent, eaZIslide and eaZIlift. Below you will find a deeper insight into the product groups:

Let’s start with eaZIsoft: This product group includes all our air friction and fluid dampers. Air friction dampers are particularly durable. Fluid dampers impress with their resilience and safety. eaZIflex are combined in the fittings category. For example, the VITROX pendulum hinge, the NIROX all-round hinge and the hinge for every bakery store – PANIX. Self-closing units are also assigned to eaZIsilent. These are complete soft-closing systems with a self-closing mechanism. When a trolley is attached to a self-closing unit, the product group is called eaZIslide . The portfolio also includes the additional category of eaZIlift window openers. The dampened tilting windows ensure a high level of comfort in both caravans and motorhomes.

Incidentally, many other SOFT CLOSE highlights and new products round off our eaZI product world. You can also find the complete range, with many other quality products, in our shop.

Retrofitting made easy DIY installation video and installation instructions

Many of the eaZI damping systems can therefore be easily retrofitted, ideal for DIY enthusiasts and professional craftsmen. Further information on installation can be found under Installation and on our YouTube channel Zimmer Group Soft Close – YouTube.